Switching to IP CCTV

Switching to IP CCTV

Choosing the CCTV system & get it to work as per our requirements is always challenging. An era started from Analog CCTV & VCR. Using a VCR, It took huge library of video cassettes to store the tapes.  But new era started by using Digital Video Recorder for recording the surveillance videos and nothing stopped here.

IP CCTV cameras entered in the market. Axis Communication was the first to launch IP Camera in 1996 & the invasion of IP technology continued. IP CCTV offers a great advantage as compared to traditional analog CCTV systems, simply an IP cameras can be customized as per requirements of the site owing to the setup & firmware. Switching to IP CCTV from existing CCTV systems is an interesting step. Almost every office in the world uses a computer network, wide or local area networks are available, hence installing an IP camera is simple step so is the maintenance of IP Surveillance systems & are highly efficient.

High resolution
Variety of IP CCTV cameras are available in the market, ranging from basic TV Lines to several megapixels. The highest resolution of Analog cameras is limited but IP cameras offer the extreme of resolution currently unto 30 Megapixel.

Installation & Integration
IP CCTV cameras are easy to install using the existing computer networks, and with the presence of PoE feature, the cost of power supplies & additional power cables is reduced. It is very easy to integrate the IP CCTV systems with any of the existing security system like access control, IP based alarm systems etc & the Onvif compliant IP cameras allows the use of different IP cameras on single software or NVR for purpose of recording. We do not need to run extra cables to transfer data for PTZ controller etc as one single network cable helps to transfer Audio, Video, Power and Data.

Recording & Retention
The video is recorded on NVR, or the software supplied with an IP camera using a simple PC in case of smaller networks but in case of larger networks we can use the external storage drives that can help to retain the data for the longer periods of time as required. Using the advantage of latest computer technologies, the data can be transferred to any location via ftp server with simple setup.

The IP CCTV networks are highly scalable. We can add as many IP cameras needed without modification in the network and add each camera to the software or whatever device is available.

Security for the device
Each IP camera is provided with the inbuilt security level, and Memory card built-in most of IP CCTV cameras helps us to save the data in case of any eventuality within the network. Apart from that whole the IP CCTV network is provided with individual security. It means each IP Network have two major levels of security, camera by camera and as a whole.

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