Open Source Video Management VMS for CCTV Cameras

Open Source Video Management VMS for CCTV Cameras

Open Source Video Management VMS for CCTV Cameras

IP Surveillance industry is demanding. Many vendors under single platform. It is too tedious & hectic to develop such single software that can work with all the vendors & cope with all the product updates & support proprietary technologies. Is not it something that keeps us on toes?
The Video management software’s allows us to monitor, control, and record & operate all the cameras & security devices in the network. The main components of any surveillance network are Camera, Storage, Other security devices and network infrastructure. The cameras can be analog or IP and if cameras are analog then encoders are to be used to make them work on network, the storage can be NAS, SAN or in NVR etc. So we need a special software that can connect all the devices together regardless of vendor or type or else and offer perfect control of the complete project.

To save the cost and above all to achieve the results, we need to set the criteria for choosing the right VMS on case by case basis. The few points to be considered are as

• Whether we need to devise the solution for retail, transport, traffic, bank etc as each industry has specific needs to be fulfilled.
• If the site under consideration has other systems like Alarm Systems, Access controls and need to be integrated under single platform.
• If the privacy zones are to be maintained & or monitored.
• As per need if the system is to be programmed on basis of particular actions.
• Motion detection & recording.
• Special functions like Video analytics for license-plate or facial recognition.
• Programming for hardware failures etc.
• Specific evidences & backup on particular times etc

The points mentioned above are few and can be summed up on basis of specific cases.

The major Open source VMS software’s are
1. OnSSI from On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. is vendor independent camera management, recording and archiving, control-room video-wall management, virtual matrix functionality, and automated video alerts through integration with video content analytics (VCA), access control and physical security systems

2. Luxriot supports hybrid scalable solutions from a single NVR/DVR to the multiple server system handling thousands of cameras and allows to integrate 3rd party applications as well as to integrate into upper level information and security systems.

3. Genetec from Genetec, Inc. is the vendor neutral system for the management of analog and digital cameras, recording and archiving, configurable event alerts via integration with VCA’s, access control and LPR.

4. Aimetis from Aimetis Corp. supports analog as well as IP cameras from multiple manufacturers into an integrated platform designed to run on standard IT systems.

5. Milestone from Milestone Systems Inc. supports single server to centrally managed distributed sites support integration, Alarm Manager, Edge storage, Failover recordings servers, evidence lock & customer dashboards, Visual verification, Remote control, flexible viewing clients and integrates wide range of third party software’s as well like Access Control, Video Analytics, PSIM.

6. March from March Networks Corporation is the Browser-based user interface that offers VMware virtualization and High Availability, Microsoft ACTIVE Directory (LDAP) integration, Centralized system and user management, Multi-level, user access privileges, Remote access to live video with March Networks Cloud.

7. Verint from Verint, Inc. is the system designed to manage digital and analog video, storage and retrieval and provide automated alerts from VCA, access control and other physical security systems.

8. DVtel is the IP based security operations center that unifies video, audio, access control and alarm management functionality into a single resource.

9. Avigilon from Avigilon Corp. supports multiple surveillance vendors equipment to capture, manage and store multi-megapixel IP and analog cameras with automated alert notification on-screen (single or multiple consoles) or via E-mail.

10. Cisco from Cisco Systems, Inc. supports analog and digital video management, storage and retrieval of archived video and integration with access control and other physical security systems.

11. Exacq from Exacq Technologies, Inc. helps to manage analog and IP cameras, storage and is designed to run on standard IT computers running either Windows or Linux