MOBILE DVR & CCTV Cameras basic

MOBILE DVR & CCTV Cameras basic

Mobile DVR, as the name implies is the vital tool for mobile surveillance. CCTV has changed the security scenario across the globe, especially in the commercial sector. CCTV has become synonymous to security. Yes it is. CCTV & surveillance systems are the trend for current markets due to the rise in crimes committed in vehicles. We have millions of vehicles plying on roads, and crime can be committed anywhere irrespective of place. Not only crime, anything can happen & things get un-noticed. The security & safety devices used for the vehicles are of prime importance as the passenger in limousine or taxi in general is not safe especially in no man zones or far flung areas or whatsoever places, as no one can realize & grasp the crime behind the tinted glasses. The mobile surveillance & CCTV systems are not limited to taxis but cover the widest scope like ambulances, buses & coaches, vans, trucks and trailers, forklifts, cranes, railways etc.

Mobile DVR, CCTV camera surveillance systems used for the vehicles are essentially an extension of conventional CCTV & surveillance systems but with certain technical aspects to be taken care of. The robust & stable quality device, as in other solutions, is of the prime importance in the mobile DVR & related security solutions as something that can resist various factors need to be considered. The various factors to be considered before choosing the Mobile DVR & CCTV cameras for any vehicle are not limited to our scope of knowledge as every project is specific & we can add as many as functions we need, but few things to be considered are as below;

Anti Vibration Mechanism: As jerks caused by rough roads or whatsoever reason will certainly cause vibration in the DVR that will surely affect the life of unit and can have direct impact of video connectors & HDD installed inside. The Mobile DVR installed inside a vehicle must & should be robust in construction with every type of anti vibration mechanism intact & available. Usually American Military Standard MIL-STD-810F-514.5C-3 is followed & this certification ensures that DVR is resistant to the random vibrations.

Audio, Video, Power Connectors: Mobile DVR’s are to be used in vehicles where space & resources are always limited. Such limitations give rise to use of compact designs & minimum numbers of cables & connectors, robust in construction but that can occupy less space. Hence DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) Jack solid cable with Harness Connector are preferred choices as single connector carries Audio, Video & Power where the both ends can be connected using threads, thereby insuring the vibrations etc. cannot lose the connectors.

Compression Technologies: The compression technologies used for the storage of videos play a very important role in surveillance systems but that is never a limiting factor for making choices. The CCTV cameras in mobile environment are prone to reflection; vibration and scattering hence the video compression technology are chosen with an extreme care. To avoid any loss in definition, many manufacturers choose different formats for video recording like M-JPEG, J-PEG, MPEG-4, H.264 & some proprietary compression technologies for proper optimized stream control Dual streaming technology for the Mobile DVR.

3D Inertia Sensors: As name implies such sensors work using the inertia, the property of a matter that causes it to resist changes in velocity (speed and/or direction). Hence such sensors are directly associated with the accelerometer, gyroscope etc & are mostly used for detecting the analytical positions, control, stabilization, navigation and correction etc.

3G & GPS Modules: These modules enable to locate the vehicle, fleet management & live monitoring of the vehicles including video surveillance by Mobile DVR & CCTV cameras installed inside the vehicle. And the modules are to be selected carefully in accordance with the telecom facilities & compliance’s available in the area where the units are to be used. Generally 3G: EVDO, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA or 2.5, 2.75G: GPRS, CDMA, EDGE etc. are available.

Network Socket & Wifi: Most of the Mobile DVR’s are provided with the network sockets as per industrial standards for download of data or programming purpose but the Wifi module can be integrated as per choice & requirements to avoid the cabling and other surplus costs, thereby enabling communication on wireless environments.

CCTV Cameras: CCTV cameras for the vehicles are chosen with great deal of expertise; the random choices never work as selection is based on location to achieve the desired results.  Indoor & outdoor CCTV cameras, CCTV cameras at license plates, CCTV cameras with IR & without IR LED’s, CCTV cameras with metal housing & vandal proof, Ingress protection rating for the CCTV cameras, Mini CCTV cameras, Long range CCTV cameras usually used over the roof of vehicles with pan-tilt-zoom function etc.

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