Body Worn Cameras for Police & Security Agencies

Body Worn Cameras for Police & Security Agencies

Why body worn camera ?

Body Worn Cameras, Thanks to Danish police. The first police force in world to use body worn cameras followed by the testing of same by British Police. Today is used by most of police forces across the globe. And continues to grow. Police is for our protection and criminals have every intention to destroy the image of police by some or other means. It is commonly debated issue in courts that police is sometimes harsh to the criminals or during investigation process or interrogation process, and at the same time police have no evidence to prove the facts except verbal discussion and manned evidence.

The body worn cameras are a valuable tool to ensure the best possible customer service by police or authorized forces. The cameras can also assist the legal and investigation department with cases, disputes, and/or complaints that need investigation & verification. Body worn cameras reduce, almost eliminate all the complaints against the police force as well as are the deterrent for any sort of assault on the police officers.

How body worn camera works?

The Cametron® Body worn technology consists of the high definition CCTV camera typically worn on the officer’s uniform and is activated as and when required. All the videos are recorded on the memory card in the recorder hence insuring the transparency of investigation as well as a versatile tool for evidence to insure speedy justice and perfect services.

Different models of the Cametron® body worn cameras have different functions and applications and are supplied to the clients on basis of the requirements.

The standard Cametron® body worn camera records the video in the Memory card and then the data is retrieved using the proprietary software. Cametron® body worn cameras with GPS are same as the standard ones but the video is with the text overlay of GPS co-ordinates and this helps to locate the area where video was recorded. The unit can be directly connected to central station for archiving and retrieving the data.

The Cametron® body worn cameras in general record at full HD 1080p quality for videos, 400 hours of Audio & can store the pictures each of 36 Mega Pixel until 5600 images.

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