ANPR Systems in CCTV Cameras

ANPR Systems in CCTV Cameras

ANPR Systems in CCTV cmeras
Emanual Goldberg should be thanked for development of character reading machine & giving the concept of microdots followed by development of optophone by Edmund Fournier d’Albe; the handheld scanner that produces the tones corresponding to specific letters & characters, an earliest form of the sonification used by blind to identify the letters on basis of the tones. Later Goldberg developed the statistical machine to searching microfilm archives using an optical code recognition system.

Optical Character Recognition is the technique of recognition of printed texts or images and is the basic technology used in the License Plate Recognition as it recognizes the number plates of the vehicles. The ANPR systems are designed to capture the image of vehicles and recognize the number plates while as ANPR engine recognizes the number plate.

ANPR processes in three steps, called as DCR means Detection (D), Capture(C) & Recognition(R), the detection of the vehicle is usually done using any of the three triggering methods after taking sharp image of the number plate of the vehicle

Vehicle Detection (D)
The trigger is initiated by the hardware. Here the sensor is present in the zone or lane, once the sensor in zone or lane detects the vehicle in proper position it triggers the ANPR systems initiates the capture of number plate, as the sensor directly communicates with the ANPR systems called as hardware trigger. The trigger is controlled by the client software. As soon as the sensor detects the vehicle in zone or lane, the client software initiates the communication with ANPR systems and the capture of number plate is initiated. Since client software communicates with the equipment hence called as software trigger. If the ANPR systems does the image capture automatically without any software or hardware trigger, it is called as free flow.

Capture of Images (C)
The capture of images after the detection of vehicles is done by the interlace scan type or progressive scan type CCTV cameras. Progressive scan type CCTV cameras are recommended as well as preferred considering the focus on vehicles during the movement of vehicles as compared to the interlaced type CCTV cameras where number plate does not remain on focus. The proper lighting arrangement is made usually using IR Lamps to allow visibility in ultra darkness.

Number Recognition (R)
Various algorithms are used to recognize the numbers from the captured images & vary from vendor to vendor like locating the number on plate, to clearly illuminate all the plate so that image as whole is available, separation of each character, recognizing each character etc


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